Eclypsya fireplace – futuristic design

Wed, Feb 10, 2010


Eclypsya fireplace – futuristic design

Eclypsya fireplace-futuristic design

One of the oldest – and ironically the hottest – cold-weather trends is the fireplace, and this cool round fireplace by Arkiane makes a lasting impression. The Eclypsya fireplace by designer Benjamin Mesnard is a sculptural piece that borders on art, with a circular enclosure beautifully framing the piece de resistance – the flame! Make a stunning centerpiece in your living room; with glass on either side, you can enjoy the flickering flame from every angle. Surround it with your comfiest, coziest couches and favorite armchairs, and you’ve got a warm den to escape to all winter. When the weather warms up, take this mobile fireplace outdoors for a fabulous backyard, deck or patio feature. Inside or out, this modern fireplace design is sure to steal the spotlight. A round of applause, for Eclypsya! Check out this elegant fireplace design at Arkiane.
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    1. Giulia Says:

      This is really cool! When I’ll have a modern house I’ll but that thing too :D

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